26 January 2007

Cold enough for you? And miscellaneous photos.

A couple weeks ago we had a really cold snap. I took this picture one morning in the family room. The top temp is outside, the bottom one is inside. That room typically stays about 10 degrees colder than the average house temperature. That's why we're planning on tearing down that room. It leaks like a sieve.

That ice is on the inside of the sliding door. This door freezes shut and if you want to get out, get the hair dryer. We just used another door most of the time.

The eggs froze so solid if one happened to get left in the coop overnight, that they expanded and cracked when they froze. This egg sat on the counter for a couple hours because I forgot to take care of it when I brought it in, and the top half of the shell lifted right off when I picked it up.

These pictures were all taken the same day.

And for the miscellaneous pictures...(not from the same day)

Occasionally Frugalbaby will pull the little potty out from under the bathroom sink. I encourage this sort of behavior but thought it was funny when she bent over as if she were praying to the plastic gods.

The advantage of being short is you can crawl into the dog's house to get her toy to stuff a treat in. But sometimes the dog decides she is ready to go in her house before you have a chance to get out. You're really lucky if your mom left the camera close enough to grab in time to get a picture.


QueenMeadow said...

Frugal baby is so cute!

We get ice on the inside of our living room window. So "fun" to watch it melt when the sun comes up.

Lena said...

Oh my gosh!!! That is way too cold! Do you even go outside when it's like that? I would be depressed all winter long. We had a whole week of yucky freezing weather (not single digits!!) and everyone in the house was so bummed by the end of the week, we couldn't wait to see the sun again.

frugalmom said...

We do go outside. The kids don't play too much but you get accustomed to the temperature. When it's above freezing you don't feel like you need a coat. I took my kids sledding in Rexburg last weekend and it was 12 degrees I think. We weren't cold at all.

Lyssa said...

I see that you have made many nice soakers...do you have a favorite yarn for these? I'm looking for something economical but long-wearing.

frugalmom said...

I don't really feel like I've knit enough to have a favorite. The Plymouth Outback soaker I did is nice yarn. It is the one I shaved with the sweater shaver back a few posts. The other ones I have done are with the Knit picks wool of the andes, and it seems to me that it doesn't hold it's shape really well. The striped Curly Purly I did seems to stretch out really easily. I am doing my next one in Cascade 220 which I hear isn't the best soaker yarn but I am going to do the Flirty Skirty. I hate spending so much on yarn. I hear that BFL and Targhee both are great soaker yarns but are pricier than I have been willing to pay for yet.

Lyssa said...

Hmmm...I guess I will keep looking. I don't mind paying a bit more if the soaker will work better and last longer, but some yarns are so expensive that I don't want to experiment.

Really I was hoping you would name something that I already had in the stash :). Let us know how the Cascade 220 one works out.

Char @ Crap I've Made said...