13 March 2007

Not only do I have four kids, I have five chickens, too.

When I let the chickens out of their coop and start walking, they follow me. I am their mother hen. I noticed a strange thing in the coop the other day (you'll see in a minute) and when I came back outside with the camera, the chickens gathered at my feet.

I am their mother, and they love me

Here's our chicken coop. This design is also called a chicken tractor, because you can drag it around from place to place and the chickens turn up the soil.

The chicken coop

The strange thing I saw? Check out where this egg ended up.

Strange place to find an egg

08 March 2007

What will she get into next? or, Do you want some spice with that?

Some other things she has done during the last 3 days...

-climbed up onto my bed and squirted lotion all over my duvet
-found her sister's leftover hot chocolate and dumped it all over herself and the floor
-snuck out the back door multiple times to try and jump on the trampoline

I'm not quite sure how the next 17 years are going to turn out, just cross your fingers for me!

06 March 2007

Pictures of the baby hat

Don't you love how most of my knitting pictures have my nice 1975 formica countertop as a background? Let me tell you, I loooooove this kitchen!

The whole gift. What new mom wouldn't appreciate handmade goodness?

Baby hat pattern

I made a hat for my sister's baby (the one who is also getting these shoes) and it knit up so quick, it may be my new "new baby" gift. I made up the pattern because I didn't feel like I had time to search the internet for exactly what I wanted. I had one pattern from a book so I cast on the same number of stitches and that's where it ended. I am sorry I haven't got a picture taken yet, but I'll get one soon.

Baby Hat

1 ball Laines du Nord Dolly Maxi yarn 100% superwash wool, 50g/95 yards (I used color 908, a denim blue color)
US 7 double point needles

Stitch note: 1x1 twisted rib is k1p1 ribbing, but knit each knit through the back loop and do the purls in the regular way

Cast on 64 stitches.

Work in 1x1 twisted rib for about an inch.

Work in St st until hat measures 5 inches from CO edge.

Work decreases as follows:
Round 1: (k6 k2tog) to end of round. 56 stitches
Round 2: k6 k2tog, (k5 k2tog) to end of round. The last stitch will use the first stitch from the beginning of the round. This is ok. 48 stitches
Round 3: k5 k2tog, (k4 k2tog) to end. 40 stitches
Round 4: k4 k2tog, (k3 k2tog) to end. 32 stitches
Round 5: k3 k2tog, (k2 k2tog) to end. 24 stitches
Round 6: k2 k2tog, (k1 k2 tog) to end. 16 stitches
Round 7: k1 k2tog, k2tog to end. 8 stitches
Round 8: k2tog all around, put all stitches on one dpn. 4 stitches

Work a 4-stitch i-cord for 2-3 inches. Break yarn and thread through all 4 stitches twice, pull tight, and thread tail down through the i-cord. Tie the i-cord in a little knot. Weave in any ends remaining.