01 February 2007

The Bread of Life, or Everyone Else is Doing It, You Should Too

Back in December I saw a recipe for No-knead bread on Farmgirl's blog. I guess there was an article in the New York Times and everyone who's anyone is making this bread. Then I saw the creator of the recipe on the Martha Stewart show sometime in January (maybe it was a rerun?) and I knew I had to try it. But you have to think ahead 24 hours. But it's worth it. It is the most delicious crusty artisan-style bread. The bread itself is has a delightful chew and it's moist and oh.so.heavenly. We ate the whole loaf.


Heidi said...

I want to try this. It looks "bee-yoooo-tee-full"!!!


QueenMeadow said...

Ooooh, it looks fabulous!! I want to try it, now to remember to try it ;)

Shelah said...

mmm, sounds delish! and thanks for the babylegs tip!