09 January 2007

Oh my heck

I have to post something just to get my whiny birthday post from getting top real estate!

Random events from the past few days...

Frugalbaby weighs 24.4 lbs and is sticking consistently to the 50- 75%ile growth curves.

I knitted up this sweet little soaker in an hour the other night. It's already being put to good use. On my keychain!

The Frugalboy got to spend his first day at the Challenge Center, which is our school district's gifted and talented program.

I got a new vacuum. It really sucks.


Heidi said...

There's nothing better than a vacuum that really sucks!!! :) I need a new one. Mine sucks, but in a different sense. ;)

frugalmom said...

I never knew how dirty my carpets really were. It was pretty gross and they look much better!

FOODIE said...

so cute!!

and yay for a fabulous vaccuum!!

FOODIE said...

oops, that was meadow logged in as my friend, sorry.

Lisa said...

So is it bagless?