12 May 2006

You should really read this

Frugaldad sent me this link. It is an article about sugar substitutes, and repeats some of the information I read about in Little Sugar Addicts. You should read it, then never drink a diet soda again. (And for the record, I don't drink it ever.) I've always been wary of sugar substitutes, and don't like to buy "light" yogurt or other lower-calorie products. Guess my intuition was pretty good.

On related notes, I'll update on the breakfast-with-protein experiment soon.


QueenMeadow said...

Thanks for the link, I guess its a good thing that I hate diet soda and anything else diet ;)

Lena said...

I totally agree! I think probably the best way to have a good diet is to eat things that are naturally low in artificial anything. And I don't like any kids of soda so I'm safe there.