01 May 2006

The Trampoline? It has seen better days

Saturday was a beautiful day. It was in the 70s, and not windy. Around dinnertime, the sky in the west started getting dark. Thunderstorms were forecast for Saturday night. I had promised Frugalgirls 1 and 2 that we could go for a bike ride before the day was over so after dinner I put the little ones in the trailer and Frugalgirl1 rode her bike (without training wheels!) and we went for a ride up and down the street. It was starting to get cloudy and breezy and I even felt a few raindrops. We came in and the storm was starting to move in quickly. The chickens were out in the yard and I thought I had better get them shut up into their coop before it got too stormy. I went outside again and the weather was getting worse very quickly. Frugalgirl1 came out to help me chase the chickens and while she was out there with me, a huge wall of wind blasted into us. There were still two stubborn chickens, but I knew they'd be all right and that every single window in the house was open and I needed to get out of the weather, and get the windows shut. I turned to go inside and as I did, the wind picked up the trampoline, and threw it across the yard. There was nothing I could do. I'm just glad that I wasn't in its path, and neither was my daughter, or even my chickens.

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