10 May 2006

I'm not the only one...

When I was setting up this blog, frugalmom.blogspot.com was already taken. So I came up with something else. Then yesterday I got to wondering, who has frugalmom.blogspot.com? Well, Frugal Mom does, of course! But she hasn't made an entry in almost a year.

I've had the screenname frugalmom on the Babycenter message boards for over 3 years, so in my mind, I am the only frugalmom. But now I know, there's at least one more.


Lena said...

You're the only frugalmom in my book! And I copied you and started a blog too. Mine isn't near as interesting as yours though!


QueenMeadow said...

I felt lucky to get my blog name, it seems that queenmeadow is always taken! I mean, I'm the only meadow out there, maybe I'm just signing up for stuff and forgetting about it, ha.