04 May 2006

My First Real Knitting Project

Last night I finished my first real knitting project--a poncho for Frugalbaby. It is really basic--2 rectangles knit in garter stitch, then I crocheted around the edge with fancy yarn. Look how cute!

edited to add: I was in 3 different stores today and got compliments from total strangers in every one. Yay for me! Not to mention Frugalbaby is absolutely adorable.


Lena said...

So cute Monique!

QueenMeadow said...

Frugalbaby is so adorable!! And that poncho is so cute!! great job!

Anonymous said...

Oh man! Totally cute! I can't believe how big frugalbaby and frugalgirl 2 are! WOW! You should sell those ponchos!