24 May 2006

Breakfast with Protein--an update

Remember this? I have been feeding my family a breakfast with protein every morning for three weeks now. I think it is definitely making a difference for me, at least. I feel fuller throughout the day, and since I am also trying to eat protein and whole grains for my snacks (like cheese or nuts and Triscuits) I feel full quite often. I also started keeping a food journal, so I feel guilty when I write down "M&Ms" instead of "string cheese". I think I have lost about five pounds. BUT! The experiment is not about losing weight, just getting healthy, and the weight loss is just a bonus.

Last Saturday the boys were off on the Father/Son Campout, and I hadn't managed to finish the dishes on Friday night, so the girls and I just had cereal for breakfast. I had a big bowl of Grape-nuts. And the whole day I felt hungry. I couldn't get enough to eat.

Frugalboy seems to be eating less of the lunches I pack for him, and he says he isn't quite as hungry at school.

Frugaldad really enjoys breakfast, so he is happy with the plan.

Frugalgirl2 doesn't seem to like to eat much in the morning so she eats the least of anyone, and then she wants snacks all morning long.

Frugalgirl1 doesn't come home from kindergarten as famished as she used to, so if she has to wait a few minutes for lunch it isn't such a big deal.

All in all, I think that the breakfast with protein is a good idea. I am also trying to get more vegetables into everyone, but one step at a time. Sometime soon I also plan to start cooking with grains like quinoa.

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QueenMeadow said...

I'm glad that it seems to be working. I need to get myself in gear and get started on this too. I actually went out and bought all the stuff for smoothies and when I got home I remembered that our blender is broken, ha.