26 May 2006

Apparently, you CAN buy love

Last year when Frugalboy was in kindergarten, I was able to spend at least an hour a week in his classroom, helping kids with reading, math, etc. I would go while Frugalgirl1 was in preschool, and my sister-in-law and I traded babysitting, so she'd keep Frugalgirl2.

Fast forward to this school year. Frugalgirl1 started kindergarten, but with a different teacher. Frugalboy was in first grade. Both teachers didn't seem to need as much help in the classroom as last year's teacher. Plus I was hugely pregnant. I didn't want to commit to anything regular because I knew that having a newborn would make it impossible to be in the classroom often. So because of the enormous load of guilt that I feel for not volunteering in their classrooms, I find other ways to help out. Usually it involves time at home. For example, for Frugalboy's class I put together a themed basket for the school's auction. For Frugalgirl's class I cut out hundreds (well, maybe dozens) of paper hearts and took them in for the kids to make Valentine's cards. When their teachers send home notes saying they are in need of tissues, erasers, or antibacterial hand gel, I try and send what they need the very next day.

Frugalboy's teacher does some sort of reading program (if I spent time in the classroom I might actually know the details) wherein she rewards the kids with Tootsie Pops. I have sent a bag or two to school throughout the school year. A couple weeks ago, Frugalboy told me that they were out of Tootsie Pops and needed more. So last week while I was shopping at one of my favorite stores for Frugalgirl2's birthday present (and I know I still haven't blogged about the birthday--I downloaded the pictures off my camera so I haven't forgotten about it yet) I walked down the candy aisle and saw a huge box of Tootsie Pops. I also saw the regular-sized bags of them, and because I am Frugalmom, I did some quick division in my head and the per-pop cost in the box was about 3 cents less than the bag. So I bought it.

The next day I sent it to school with Frugalboy, and when he came home he said that his teacher was so glad I'd sent it, and she had told the whole class, and they were all so impressed. A little more of the guilt lifted from my shoulders and I figured that was that.

Then yesterday he brought home a collection of handmade thank-you cards from the students in the class. Among them...

"Thank you for the Totsy Pops!!!"
"Thank you so much for the tootsy Pops. We need them so much!"
"thank's for the toosy pop's."
"Thank you for the Tose pops! Bring more"
"Thank you for the Tastie Tootsie Pops. You Rock!!!!!!!"
"Can you Bring more tusee pops plees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??"
and my personal favorite:
"Dear Mommy, I hope you like the cards everyone is giveing you. gues what. I have six books to go until I get one."

I felt SO loved and appreciated!

So I guess you CAN buy the love of a first grader. With an $8 box of Tootsie Pops.


Unknown said...
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QueenMeadow said...

What a nice mom you are!!!

I did the same thing when L was in 1st grade, though I sent in crackers and such since she always gave the kids a morning "snack" of candy and it drove me nuts :P

Anonymous said...

I like the new look of your page! It sounds to me like you are doing tons this yr! Drop the guilt! You are my hero! Thanks for telling us about the tasty tootsie treats!