03 May 2006

Today's experiment

I am reading Little Sugar Addicts and I hope to get my kids eating healthier. My goal is not to eliminate sugar completely, but to get them to enjoy eating vegetables and other healthy foods. This morning for breakfast we had sausage, scrambled eggs, and a smoothie made with whey protein powder that I got at the Boise Co-op. We'll see if the kids stay full all morning and how their moods are affected by having such a high protein breakfast instead of sugared cereal. (By the way, the sweetest cereals I usually buy are generic honey-nut cheerios, frosted mini-wheats, and Life--all whole grain but still with added sugar)

It's 11:20 and I have yet to hit the pantry for a snack, so the high-protein is working for me.

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QueenMeadow said...

My kids breakfast cereal is the same as yours and I have been thinking of changing it up a bit. Let me know how your kids handle the change, I may join you soon :)