06 February 2007

100th post!

This is my 100th post! I couldn't think of anything clever to write about, though, so you'll have to settle for pictures of what kept me busy this morning. My sister found out that she is expecting a baby boy so this cute pair of shoes is for her upcoming bundle.

Made from the free pattern by Heather Bailey.

I finished my 2nd Chemo Cap. This one is the Irish Hiking Hat from Nik's Knits. It's Red Heart Soft Yarn, which has a really nice sheen to it.

I committed to making 3 hats and the third one is on my needles, and I expect to make significant progress as I sit in the school parking lot for 20 minutes waiting in line to pick up my children, so that Frugalboy can be on time for Cub Scouts (versus being late and riding the bus). My knitting time usually consists of a stitch here, or a row there, so 20 uninterrupted minutes? Blissful. At any rate, I forgot to take a picture of the first hat before I handed it off to Heidi, who is organizing our charity knitting.

We expect that Frugalbaby and Tawny, the Frugaldog, will be fast friends their entire lives.


Heidi said...

Cute, *darling* and ADORABLE!!!

Lena said...

Wow! Happy 100th!

Char @ Crap I've Made said...

I've been wanting to use that Heather Bailey pattern....just need to find someone with a baby. Or, have another myself or something.


Life ticks on said...

Wow I love the knitting... that was one thing I havent tried... Maybe I would like that better than crocheting (not that I dont like that cuz I got a blanket on the rack right now..) Anyways frugalbaby and frugaldog are sooo cute together.

as for time alone. could be worse you could pick him up everyday. I do and it gives me 20-30 min of UNINTERRUPTED reading time LOL!

Congrats on 100th post also!

Nik said...

That hat is simply beautiful in pink.