11 February 2007

As promised

Pictures of some sewing. I finished these night-time pants one pair at a time so it was quite difficult to get a picture of all four of them together. I have tried to make cloth pull-ups like 4 times and have never really been successful. I had resigned myself to sposie pull-ups but Frugalgirl's bum has gotten really dry and chafed. So I tried again and these are working. Way, way bulky, but working. She wears them only because they have cute appliques. Made from the New Conceptions Training Pants pattern. Windpro fleece outers, microfleece and suedecloth inners. Soakers are snap-in, made of hemp fleece with a top layer of buttery soft bamboo/cotton velour.

Bed-wetting is a strange phenomenon. Frugalboy wet almost every night until he turned 5. Frugalgirl1 was dry at night from the day she turned 2, even though she wasn't potty trained. Frugalgirl2 was potty trained at 22 months but doesn't stay dry at night. Every child is so different no matter what other things stay the same.


Alissa said...

lovin' your blog, frugalmom! remember you from bbc days. :D

Linked from Sheri.

Char @ Crap I've Made said...

I don't dare to even consider cloth, because I'd probably get obsessed with it (like I do everything else). Nice work!

QueenMeadow said...

So cute!!

And I agree about the different kids and nighttime wetting. We are still battling it with my 4 year old :S.