18 September 2006

More knittin'

Some bibs I did. The top purple one was a gift for someone, and the blue one started as a dishcloth and I decided to make it a bib halfway through. I don't love the shape, but it is kind of heart-shaped. Then I did another purple one and added some ribbing for interest. It is also a gift for my friend Michele who recently had a baby. Well, not so recently. I had every intention of sending her a gift and then I forgot, and when I realized I had forgotten, I made the bib (since her baby is old enough to need it now) and I am also going to send Choxie (do you know this stuff? Yummy chocolate only at Target, but not at Target.com!) for her to indulge on during naptime. But I haven't sent it because I am afraid it will melt, so I am waiting for a nice cool spell.

Oh. my. gosh. Can I go on and on and on or what?

This is a keychain wool soaker that I whipped out while I sat at soccer games on Saturday. I wish it were variegated yarn but I don't have any scraps of that to use yet. I took this with my camera's super macro mode. Turned out pretty good, huh? It measures about 2 inches across at it's biggest point. (the soaker, not the camera.)

This is another Sophie bag. Then I knitted a rose and leaf and some i-cord for a stem and felted them, too. I will sew them on but in this picture they are just laid on. It is a Christmas gift for someone who I am pretty sure doesn't know about my blog. If you do, you'd better act surprised!

I dyed some more yarn, too. It's still drying. The pink is going to be the waistband and cuffs for a soaker for Frugalbaby and the variegated will be a Booga bag for my sister (who also doesn't know about my blog, and if you do, you'd better comment and then act surprised when you open your present!)

I told you I would blog lots, with pictures, didn't I?


Anonymous said...

I wish I could remember how to knit!

frugalmom said...

Lisa, you're better off not getting hooked. Stay far, far away before it becomes an obsession!