03 August 2006

When two worlds collide

I had one of those weird experiences where two seemingly unrelated parts of life somehow merge. The last few weeks I have had my kids in swimming lessons. There is a woman whose parents are in our ward at church, and they have a pool, so for the last few summers she has come home and taught lessons. This is the first year that Frugalgirl2 has gotten to take lessons, and she was in the same class with three little boys. One of the moms of one of the boys was really nice and she had another younger boy, too. Last week we finally introduced ourselves to each other and her name sounded vaguely familiar but the way the world is today people have the same and similar names and I figured it was nothing.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, I used to read this bulletin board for LDS women over at Babycenter. I met some of the women irl (that's In Real Life) at the park a few times and we had fun Girls' Nights Out and stuff. But then I was just feeling like I couldn't keep up with the message boards and honestly, I didn't really feel like I fit into the group. My values and ideals were just a little different and I didn't want to devote the time to keeping up with the messages so I quit going there, and consequently lost touch with most of them. Then I stumbled across their blogs one day when one of them commented over at Very Mom, (which, by the way, is the only blog I read for a couple years until I started blogging myself) A couple months ago I read this post over at The Constant Gardener, and this post over at Here Today...Probably Tomorrow Too. Then a little while later I read this one from the Constant Gardener again. And I clicked on this link.

Then yesterday, Friendly Mom from swimming lessons was wearing a T-shirt that said "Daring Young Mom." Well, I've been around enough to see links to Daring Young Mom and the wheels in my brain started turning faster that I can explain and you know how you can't really put into words how things come together? Friendly Mom from swimming lessons is Erin from Erin's Third Law and she is friends with Daring Young Mom and she knows all these other ladies too!

How strange is that how it all came together?

So after I put it all together in my head and found all those posts in the archives and stuff, to make sure I wouldn't make a fool of myself, and this morning I asked Erin if she had a blog and we had a nice chat!


Heidi said...

isn't it cool how those things happen?
I know it is never a coincidence

Lena said...

That is so strange! I realized the other day when she posted a picture that Squamgirl from the LDS BB was one of my best friends in High school! So funny how teeny tiny this world is.


Alicia said...

How cool that you met Erin!! She is such a cool girl...this reminds me that I need to give her a call and get together.

For what it's worth, we miss you. We always talk about you (in a good way, lol!) when we get together and wish that you'd hang out with us.

modernmama said...

Very cool! It's a small blogging world! :)

Kathryn Thompson said...

I'm so glad you got to meet Erin. She is the best. I want her back. No seriously. Send her back to Washington.

emlouisa said...

That's hilarious!!!

And we do miss you. It's been so nice seeing you on the blog circuit!! You are one person that I really look up to with all your gardening and canning and stuff. You rock, girl!