16 August 2006

Badd Spelers Anoy Me

Wouldn't you think that if a teacher wanted a parent volunteer to help kids with spelling, she would want the parent to actually be able to spell?

My daughter came home from first grade with a little slip of paper with the results of her first spelling test of the year. She got 100%! And the parent who gave her the spelling test wrote "Excellant!" Nice.

This might not bother me quite so much, except for the fact that it happened last year with Frugalboy. He had the same first grade teacher, but I guess she's not really to blame. He came home with the actual spelling test paper, which was marked 100%, but he had actually misspelled one of the words. I decided it wasn't worth a call to the teacher but I carried it in my bag for a couple weeks in case I had a chance to show it to her. I finally tossed it in the trash in an attempt to de-clutter the diaper bag. Now I wish I would have saved it, so I had some more evidence for my case.

Then a couple days ago I went to the local gym to take advantage of a free one-month membership offer. I had to fill out the paperwork and stuff like I was signing up for a paid membership, so the guy wrote on the contract, "Contract dosn't aply in fullness untill 9/15/06" Seriously, I am not making this stuff up.

If I should happen to make a spelling error, it's because I rush and don't proofread well, or I don't want to go back and edit after I've published.

I can't believe that people can actually function in society being such terrible spellers.

Anyway, that's the rant in my head today.


QueenMeadow said...

I used to correct spelling tests as well. I had to look up the correct spelling from time to time, hehe. Makes you humble when your 1st grader has words you can't remember how to spell :P

Alicia said...

Holy cow, I can't believe the gym guy! More brawn than brains, apparently!