07 August 2006

The Hollow Tree

Have you read Blueberries for Sal? It's about a little girl who goes with her mother to pick blueberries to can for winter. My mother-in-law gave it to Frugalgirl1 for her 2nd birthday. At the time she looked just like Little Sal, with wispy hair and a willingness to help her mom can. We had also been canning a lot of blueberries in the summer so my mother-in-law picked a great book.

I've added a new feature to the sidebar, so when I disappear for days at a time, you know that I have been busy filling my shelves and the spaces under our beds with yummy goodness for the winter.

1 comment:

QueenMeadow said...

I knew you were a busy lady, but sheesh!! Good job! I plan on canning some jam today or tomorrow. I guess i better get busy ;)