05 December 2006

The Magical Age of Eight

We had a momentous occasion at the Frugal Farm this weekend. I mentioned the Frugalboy's birthday before. On Saturday he was baptized a member of the Church. Everything went well. Frugaldad's parents and all his siblings and their families came for the weekend. I bought the Frugalgirls matching winter dresses. They were adorable. We (the girls and I) sang the opening song at the baptism. Well, the girls mumbled and I cried. Oh well. I shouldn't have said I would sing, and when we were practicing and I couldn't get through the song without tears, I should have known better. I guess they just won't ask me to sing anymore?

Frugaldad and Frugalboy before they headed to the church for the baptism

Frugalbaby won't hold still for a picture yet


QueenMeadow said...

aww, how sweet! He looks so grown up and your girls, too cute!

Lena said...

Yeah! Congrats to Frugalboy and your girls look adorable in those dresses!