21 November 2007

Good, better, best

I have so many interests and hobbies (and children and animals and chores) and I am trying to find a balance, where I can get the things that need to be done finished, in addition to doing something that I want to do.

In October general conference, Dallin H. Oaks gave a talk entitled Good, Better, Best where he talks about how we need to choose the best things to grow closer to God. There are a lot of good things in the world, but they aren't always the best things to occupy our time.

I have know for quite a while that the internet is a huge time-suck for me. I try to show good self-discipline but I often waste time online. The last few days I've kept my computer off and spent my time doing other things. I'm not giving it up completely, but you'll see a lot less of me from now on. Don't forget to check the renovation blog for updates and every two weeks I'll be stocking my leather shoes and other handcrafted goodies at Majestic Congo. My past items will be available at my Etsy shop until I get my website up and running.

On a related note, we stock at Majestic on Friday at noon eastern. Come check out the hand-dyed yarn, beautiful stitch markers, leather shoes, diapers, and other great items made by these talented women whom I am glad to call my friends.


Lena said...

I LOVED that talk. I think it was my favorite of all of them. It really made/makes me think too. I do think my blog/journal is a good thing though because it is such a good record for me and I plan to put it all in notebooks one day for my kids. Luckily, I don't go to many places online, just a couple of blogs and the other places you see me at! Good for you, Monique. I think we can always do better.

McKrola Family said...

you inspire me! keep up the less internet thing!