17 November 2006

It's all in the presentation

That's what all the top chefs say, isn't it?

Every kid likes pasta, right? Not the oldest Frugalgirl. She'll eat macaroni and cheese but if you put any other kind of pasta on her plate, no matter the sauce, she complains.

But last night, it was different. With regular spaghetti sauce, I served Campanelle instead of spaghetti. I advertised it by saying, "Look at these pretty noodles. They kind of look like flowers, or bells. Aren't they pretty?"

And since my girls love all things pretty, she ate 3, or even 4 servings. And she asked if I would serve the pretty noodles every time we had spaghetti.


Heidi said...

LOL!!! That's fantastic!

Now... can we get mushrooms and squash to grow in pretty shapes??? ;)

frugalmom said...

I'm afraid we're left to tiny cookie cutters for those veggies!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea!

My kids eat tortolinni (sp?) because we call them snails! Bleck! Where are my girly girls??