20 November 2006

Frugal Farm Mysteries of Life

How Frugalboy can wake up the instant his nose starts to bleed during the night, often keeping his bedding completely clean, but is unable to wake up before he vomits all over his bedding and carpet.

Why I have to apply anti-acne cream to parts of my face immediately before I apply anti-aging cream to other parts.

Why Frugalbaby is going to have to be sleep-trained again, darn molars.

1 comment:

Lena said...

Poor Furgalbaby! Those molars can be so tough. I wonder if sleeep training ever really ends? Eric has started waking up at about 10 every evening again just for a drink and then goes back to bed. Not bad, but I wish he'd just sleep ya know? As for the acne cream and aging cream- that is so not fair and something no one ever told me I'd have to worry about at almost 30!