26 July 2006

Help me name this yarn!

Yesterday I did something I have never done before. I dyed some wool with Kool-aid. I got my instructions from here and here and here and here. I think it turned out pretty good, don't you? But I can't come up with a clever name for the colorway. It is a self-striping yarn so when I knit it into a Sophie bag or a diaper soaker it should have cool stripes. The pink and yellow remind me of pink lemonade. The pink and green remind me of watermelon. The green and yellow are like lemons and limes. Sour Grapefruit, perhaps? Or Saltwater Taffy? Summer Citrus? Help me out here!

On a related note, I whipped this baby out in a few hours from this pattern.

The Frugalkids went back to school yesterday and I am planning on whipping the house into shape just in time for their first track break in a few weeks. Off to the kitchen I go!

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