20 December 2007

A Random Christmas Meme

I've been tagged by Erika (who, by the way, makes some fantastic stuff. I love her diaper balm and her fiber lover's hand balm and for a barter she dyed me some yarn, too, that I can't wait to knit it!) Plus she is a really great friend, too!

13 Random things about me and Christmas

1. My all-time favorite Christmas music is The Roger Whittaker Christmas Album. When I was a kid, my parents would always put it on first when we came into the Christmas tree to open presents. When I was a grown-up, I bought it on CD and my kids like it now, too.

2. The year I was 12, it got really cold where I lived (in Houston!) and our pipes froze and burst. We didn't have water for 3 days. My mom was really sick with a virus of some sort, and I remember wrapping a lot of the presents for her and then a plumber came on Christmas Day and fixed the water. Those are the kind of Christmases you don't forget.

3. Fake trees don't offend me. We have a pre-lit slim tree since our house is small.

4. My youngest child is 2 and I still haven't sewn her stocking yet. It's cut out, but not sewn. She uses my old one in the meantime.

5. I don't like raisins in cinnamon rolls. My mother made them both ways to eat on Christmas morning.

6. The last couple years I haven't started wrapping until Christmas Eve when the kids go to bed.

7. I got married 2 days before Christmas. (Happy Anniversary honey!)

8. I like to eat ham for Christmas dinner.

9. It's harder than you think to come up with 13 random Christmas things.

10. In fact, so hard that I started writing this two days ago and couldn't get past 2.

11. Tomorrow I have to go shopping and get the last gift. It's hard to hide a bike for a 7-year-old.

12. We have one of those Fisher Price Little People Nativity sets. Three Christmases ago when we got out the decorations, baby Jesus was missing from the set. He's never turned up, so I finally bought a new one the year before last. I imagine that someday, I will find baby Jesus behind some shelves in the garage and I will have a really good story about "How I found Jesus."

13. We have colored lights on our tree. And usually on the outside of the house. But other projects have pre-empted the outdoor light installation this year.

I can't in good conscience tag anyone this close to Christmas, so do it if you want and leave a comment so I can come read!


Wendy said...

Okay, I'll bite. What's a MEME?

frugalmom said...

It's a game of internet blog tag, someone tags you and you do the same post, then you tag someone else...

erika~ the inspired mama said...

that nativity set is so cute! i had never seen one before. now, where, oh, where could baby jesus be??!! :)

Heather said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!