03 May 2007

Busy hands

I've been busy, lookie, lookie!

I am so pleased with how these shoes turned out! They are actually getting swapped, though, to Stacy.
Flower shoes

I made two versions of Katja.
The Katjas

The pattern is actually quite flawed, however. A quick search of a couple knitting forums has confirmed that everyone had the same problem. Basically the garter stitch at the top of the body gapes because of the nature of the stitch gauge. I compensated by weaving elastic through the stitches. There's a couple more pictures of both tanks on flickr. When Frugalbaby wears them, though, it's as a top layer over a shirt. I'm teaching modesty at a young age. No bare shoulders at the Frugal Farm!

I'm also attempting to get back into my household cleaning routine, and attacking little household projects one at a time. Monday I reorganized the laundry room cupboard and today I did some pantry organization. One of these days I might even get to the sewing table.


Char @ Crap I've Made said...

LOVE those shoes!

QueenMeadow said...

Adorable!! Great job, as always.

Heidi said...

ohhhh what fun projects! They look fantastic! :)

I'm just back in to MY cleaning routine... good luck with yours! ;)