28 October 2006

You know the old saying...

Cheaters never win, and winners never cheat? I saw this article on Yahoo today and it reminded me of high school. In college the atmosphere was quite the opposite. I think BYU's graduates are often awarded the "Most Likely to be Ethical In Business" trophies. But in high school? Totally different story.

The girl who was valedictorian was actually not a cheater. She was smart and studied hard, and she deserved to be at the top.

But the guy who was number two, and number three, and many of the others who graduated in the top ten percent of the class, were all big fat cheaters. They'd share test questions with other students who had the same test later in the day, and send infrared messages between their graphing calculators. Imagine what it would have been like if cell phones and pagers weren't just for the drug dealers. They didn't have any moral qualms about what they did, and that was irritating to me and other honest students who were trying to be successful by doing the right thing. I guess now, looking back, since I didn't blow any whistles, I guess I was just being an enabler. But it was still irritating.

Did you know cheaters who got away with it?


Anonymous said...

Yup, I knew a bunch! I also never said anything. It is sad that they have to do that to feel smart. I hope I can teach my kids to be better than that. I would rather have a B than an A by cheating.

Anonymous said...

Yes. My HS Valedictorian waas a total cheater. And a generally scumbag of a guy.