29 June 2006

oh yeah

I forgot a few things since they don't have pictures.

Don't let the date on the previous post fool you. I just posted it this morning but I started it last week, which is why it has that date on it. And I forgot I also did 12 dehydrator trays of cherries. And Frugaldad and the Frugalkids helped a lot, too.

My sister-in-law and I have been raising broiler chickens and right before Father's Day we had them processed. I never managed to get any pictures taken this year. One of my hens went broody for the second time this year and finally decided to stop sitting on the nest. It's about time, she is a good layer.

I learned some things about buying money orders, and that I should have filed my birth certificate properly when my mother sent it to me years ago.

Someday soon the Frugal Farmhouse will be larger. We closed on a loan and now need to finalize our plans and pull permits and get someone here to dig a big hole.

I had another close call with a skunk. Sometime soon I will post both stories.

Frugalbaby has cut top teeth, has forgotten how to sleep through the night, and has started making sounds that actually sound like words. (My favorite is ay-uh-oo, which means "I love you.") She'll be nine months old tomorrow!


QueenMeadow said...

Such a busy week for you! Or weeks I should say ;)

I need to find neighbors that want to give away fruit for free, all of mine sell theirs :( Your pie looks gorgeous, great job!

Lena said...

I want to hear about how you're going to add on to the house!