09 April 2007

What I did on my Spring Vacation, Chapter One

Before we left on our trip, I thought it would be cool to take picture of the signs at the state borders all along the way to document the distance. Frugaldad said he'd had the same idea, but hadn't said anything because we'd be sure to miss one and then we'd be mad. But after our first few hours in the car, I had great success. Nah, of course we won't miss one!
Utah border

The next day, though, when we were heading east out of Monticello, Utah, into Colorado, I was in the back seat with the kids, and I didn't have the camera back there with me, so I totally missed the sign. Oh well, I guessed we'd catch it on the way home.

A little while later, when we drove into New Mexico, I was ready with the camera, but was unable to get it to focus and snap at the proper time. Grrrrrr.
Entering New Mexico

When we were heading into Texas that evening, I was ready with the camera but it was getting dark, so here's that attempt.

Texas border

Well dang it, if I can't get the "welcome to Texas" sign, maybe I could get the "thanks for visiting" sign on the way out. Yeah, right.

Into NM again

That is the "Welcome to New Mexico" sign, because I couldn't get it to snap in the dim light and rain in time for the Texas sign.

But finally, success again heading north!

Leaving NM

And right after that:

Into Colorado

I didn't get the "welcome to Utah" sign again because I already had one, and I guess I forgot to do the Idaho one, but since we live here, it's unnecessary, isn't it?


QueenMeadow said...

I guess you will have to actually pull over for the pics next time ;)

frugalmom said...

And take all the fun out of it?

Char @ Crap I've Made said...

Ha ha ha! Those pics are great!